Parliament Sends Strong Message on Copyright: No More Free Riding for UUC Platforms

GESAC Press Release – Brussels, 11/07/2017 – Two important votes took place today on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament, and the message was clear: user uploaded content (UUC) platforms will be held liable for the copyright protected works they provide access to and currently heavily cash in on. The Copyright Directive proposal, first put on the table by the Commission in September 2016, has been a source of heated debates, myths and scaremongering, but also hope for creators.

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It’s Time to Give Creativity a Future! European Creators Call on the EU to Fix the Transfer of Value

GESAC Press Release – Brussels – 30/05/2017 – At the Meet the Authors event today, creators launched their call to the EU in the presence of high-level decision-makers from Parliament, Commission and the Council. In this call read out to the audience by renowned French visual artist Daniel Buren, creators ask for Europe to put an end to the funnelling of value away from creators to a number of major online platforms. Creators at this event, backed by their authors’ societies, argued that too often today, User Uploaded Content (UUC) platforms that designed their successful business model around giving access to creative content, provide little or no remuneration to those who are at the very basis of that value chain: the creator.

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GEMA-Mitgliederversammlung: Musikautoren und Verleger stimmen eindeutig für gemeinsame Beteiligung

Vom 22. bis 24. Mai 2017 fand in München die jährliche Mitgliederversammlung der GEMA statt. Beherrschendes Thema war die Neuregelung der Verlegerbeteiligung. Erstmals wurden die neuen elektronischen Mitwirkungsrechte für die Mitglieder der GEMA nach dem Verwertungsgesellschaftengesetz (VGG) umgesetzt. Im Rahmen der Hauptversammlung nahmen hr2-Kultur und SWR4 den Radiokulturpreis entgegen. Im Anschluss an die Mitgliederversammlung wählte der Aufsichtsrat Dr. Ralf Weigand zu seinem neuen Vorsitzenden, nachdem Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider nach fünf Jahren den Vorsitz abgab.

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