GESAC welcomes that an agreement was reached today in the Trialogue on the Copyright Directive

Today, the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market. This is a major step toward the final adoption of the Directive by the Council and by the European Parliament.

Anders Lassen, President of GESAC said, “This Directive was long awaited in our sector. We still need to have a careful assessment of the final text, but its adoption sends a clear signal that large platforms dominating the online content market at the expense of creators must stop freeriding and comply with copyright rules. We trust that Member States and the European Parliament will now endorse the Directive and give their final approval to this historical breakthrough, without any further delay.”

Véronique Desbrosses, Director General added, “We are thankful to the European decision-makers for reaching an agreement on this complex and sensitive piece of legislation today. Despite the pressure of tech giants until the very end, the text, which still needs to be assessed in detail, is a major achievement. It will enable creators to be remunerated fairly by large online platforms that today are siphoning the value of the creative sector while failing to compensate creators”

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